Tim Walz

Wrong for

Keith Ellison

Embarrassing for

Two Faced Tim

Tim Walz has a record of changing his position to please different audiences. With his long record of flips and flops on the issues, he can’t be trusted.

Massive Tax Hikes

Tim Walz has promised to raise some taxes, extend others, and has a record of opposing lower taxes for Minnesotans. He just can’t help himself.

Out of Control Spending

Tim Walz has been promising increased spending to every group he can think of in an attempt to get more votes. He can’t pay for these promises without massive tax increases on all of us.

public Safety

Tim Walz has been so busy chasing support from the far left, he’s taken positions that put liberal activist agendas ahead of public safety.


Two-Faced Tim Walz Flip-Flops-Flips Yet Again

St. Paul - Yesterday, Tim Walz baffled many by backtracking on a $15/hour minimum wage, a key promise he made to his liberal activist base over the course of his campaign. In his news conference with mayors from around the state, Walz failed to stick to his support of...

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Keith Ellison is Too Controversial for Minnesotans

St. Paul - According to the latest MPR/Star Tribune poll, Doug Wardlow is leading Keith Ellison by seven points in the race to be Minnesota's next attorney general. This is a major swing from polling released one month ago when Wardlow trailed Ellison by five percent...

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Single Payer Healthcare Would Raise Taxes and Hurt Patients

St. Paul - Today, Jeff Johnson held a press conference with Dr. Lee Kurisko to discuss his experience working in the Canadian single payer healthcare system and how moving Minnesota to this model will hurt patient access to healthcare. Johnson's opponent, Tim Walz has...

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