DFL Concerned Over The Effects Of Keith Ellison On Other Candidates

St. Paul – As we approach the coming election, Democrats in Minnesota are worried that the allegations against Keith Ellison are dragging down the rest of his party. While the DFL has held the Attorney General’s office for the last 47 years, a recent poll showed that Ellison and his Republican challenger, Doug Wardlow, are locked in dead heat. Ellison, who currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Democratic National Committee, is embroiled in controversy with allegations of domestic abuse coming from a former girlfriend. While Ellison denies the allegations, they are leaving doubts in the minds of voters and Democrats are worried that they could be hurting other democrats across the state.

While Ellison has faced controversy before, from calling for an end to borders to an appalling lack of support for law enforcement, the personal nature of the domestic abuse allegations seem to be resonating this time around with 40% of voters saying that they are a “factor” in whether they vote for Ellison, which has Democratic leadership in Minnesota concerned.

“It is clear that the allegations against Keith Ellison are hurting other Democrat candidates across the state. While they are unconfirmed, the domestic abuse allegations are just the latest issue that should give voters pause about Ellison’s fitness for office. He has a controversial background of supporting extremists like Louis Farrakhan and Sara Jane Olson, promoting the “Antifa” handbook, advocating for an end to the second amendment and open borders,” said Gina Countryman, Executive Director of MN Action Network – IE PAC. “Ellison’s career has been littered with controversy of his own making and his ties to controversy exist because he is out of touch with Minnesotans, it appears that the Democratic Party is beginning to see it as a liability. The truth is that with Ellison on the ballot, the DFL is risking more than just the attorney general’s race.”