Minnesotans Can’t Afford to let Tim Walz Implement Single Payer Healthcare

St. Paul – Since the beginning of his campaign for Governor, Tim Walz has continually called for Minnesota to move to a single payer system in spite of the negative impacts it would have on the cost and quality of our healthcare. During the DFL primary, Walz even answered a questionnaire from a group called Main Street Alliance saying “…ultimately, we need to enact a single-payer system, and as Governor I will fight to put us on a path towards single-payer healthcare.” 
past analysis of single-payer in Minnesota put the cost of the program at more than $35 billion dollars, require a nearly $17 billion tax increase, and would lead to more than 42,000 job losses. Democrats promised the Affordable Care Act would lead to increased choice and lower premiums and it has done neither, and now they want to expand government control of health care even more.
“Moving Minnesota to a single payer healthcare system would not only force taxes to skyrocket for everyone, but would also harm patient access to quality care. Minnesotans can’t afford to allow Tim Walz to implement single payer healthcare and the rest of his liberal agenda,” said Gina Countryman, Executive Director of MN Action Network – IE PAC.