Tim Walz’s Plans for Healthcare Will Hurt Minnesotans

St. Paul - Today, Tim Walz will join his running mate, Peggy Flanagan and DFL colleague, Angie Craig, for a luncheon to discuss healthcare. Walz has thrown his support behind an expensive single payer healthcare plan without plans to cover the cost. Angie...

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Keith Ellison’s Economic Views Are Out Of Touch

St. Paul - This morning, Keith Ellison joined host Dave Lee on WCCO radio to talk about the race for attorney general. While the domestic abuse allegations continue to dominate the discussion, Ellison talked about healthcare and the economy, two subjects...

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Keith Ellison Blames Accuser as Outrage Grows

St. Paul - Nearly a month ago, Karen Monahan raised domestic abuse allegations against Congressman Keith Ellison. While Ellison has denied the allegations, 40% of voters say that they are a factor in whether or not they decide to vote for Ellison, making it a natural...

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