Tim Walz Insists on Single Payer but DHS Can’t Manage Their Current Workload

St. Paul – Throughout his campaign, Tim Walz has continued to push for government controlled healthcare plans commonly known as single payer healthcare. If Minnesota was to adopt this model, it would fall under Minnesota’s Department of Human Services. However, yesterday KSTP revealed that DHS was just breached and lost approximately 21,000 individuals who interacted with the department.

The breach was caused by an email phishing scam and a letter was sent out to those who affected. It is by no means the only IT problem that the state has encountered in recent memory. Over the last couple of years, MNIT has faced similar issues around the implementation of both MNsure and MNLARS.

See the KSTP story here:

recent analysis of single-payer in Minnesota put the cost of the program at more than $35 billion dollars, require a nearly $17 billion tax increase, and would lead to more than 42,000 job losses. With DHS struggling to protect the information they currently have, Democrats like Tim Walz want to increase their workload which will likely lead to more breaches and lost data.

“Minnesotans can’t afford to elect leaders like Tim Walz who support complex policies now and figure out how to make them work later. This latest breach is just another reason we shouldn’t trust government to be the sole provider of our healthcare. Democrats like Walz want to grow the size of state government, but Minnesotans can’t trust the government systems they already have,” said Gina Countryman, Executive Director of MN Action Network – IE PAC.