Two-Faced Tim Walz Flip-Flops-Flips Yet Again

St. Paul – Yesterday, Tim Walz baffled many by backtracking on a $15/hour minimum wage, a key promise he made to his liberal activist base over the course of his campaign. In his news conference with mayors from around the state, Walz failed to stick to his support of a $15 minimum wage and left many wondering about the sudden change. Later in the day, he took to Twitter to say that he did in fact still support a $15 minimum wage, and suggested that it could even go higher in some places.

This is nothing new for Walz, he has made a career of routinely changing his views on issues based on who he was talking to and what office he was running for. However, three position changes in one day on a key campaign promise is still quite notable. It would seem that after making numerous promises to liberal activists in order to secure his victory in the DFL primary, Walz is trying to hide from those past positions in order to appear more moderate, 

“Tim Walz is a political shape shifter who has changed his position based on who was speaking to for his entire career. For the last two years, he made promises to his liberal base to earn the nomination of his party. Now that he is facing general election voters, he’s changing his tune and is trying to downplay his support for liberal policies like a $15 minimum wage, single payer healthcare, an increase to the gas tax and turning Minnesota into a sanctuary state,” said Gina Countryman, Executive Director of MN Action Network – IE PAC. “Minnesotans can’t trust someone who says one thing, then rushes to change positioning based on what his liberal special interest allies have demanded.”