Two-Faced Tim Walz Has Made A Career Of Flip-Flops

St. Paul – Throughout his political career, Tim Walz has routinely changed his views on issues based on who he was talking to and what office he was running for. These changes were brought to light again over the weekend in an article from the Star Tribune.

From the Star Tribune: “He voted for the Affordable Care Act and a failed cap-and-trade system that aimed to reduce emissions, but against bailing out the nation’s banks and auto companies that many Democrats supported. He voted for tighter vetting of refugees into the U.S., then as candidate for governor said he regretted it. He once earned an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association and its endorsement as recently as 2012, but now denounces the group.”

After repeatedly supporting the Affordable Care Act, Walz admitted that it was failing his constituents in southern Minnesota. As a congressman, he branded himself a moderate, but in his run for Governor, Walz has portrayed his record as that of a partisan progressive. He has completely changed his views on a number of key issues and the question for voters in Minnesota is which Tim Walz would they see in the Governor’s mansion?

“Walz has campaigned for years in southern Minnesota as a moderate, but during this campaign for governor, he has abandoned any hint of moderation,” said Gina Countryman, executive director of MN Action Network – IE PAC. “He’s run to the left on spending promises, tax increases, environment, mining and immigration issues, and Minnesotans are left to wonder where he stands on anything. If you ask him, he’s apt to ask where you’re from before answering you.”