Two-Face Tim Walz

Tim Walz Has Changed His Views On Issues Across The Spectrum Based On Who He Was Talking To And What Would Help Get Him Elected

Tim Walz Used To Paint Himself As A Moderate, But Now Proclaims He Was Always Campaigning As A Progressive

Mankato Free Press’ Mark Fischenich: “Representing The 1st Congressional District, Walz Emphasized His Reputation As A Moderate.” “Representing the 1st Congressional District, Walz emphasized his reputation as a moderate. He ranked fifth in the U.S. House and Senate in his willingness to work with members of the opposing party, according to 2016 analysis ranking all 536 members by Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy.”

(Mark Fischenich, “History In The Balance As Tim Walz Looks To Become A Mankato Governor,” Mankato Free Press, 5/27/18)
MinnPost’s Sam Brodey: “Walz Has Staked Out Positions And Taken Votes That Allow Him To Sell Himself As Both A Moderate And A Progressive.” “The congressman has staked out positions and taken votes that allow him to sell himself as both a moderate and a progressive. On one side, Walz has been more supportive of gun rights than his Democratic colleagues, and has previously been awarded an ‘A’ rating from the National Rifle Association. In 2015, Walz broke with most of his party and joined the GOP majority in voting for legislation to add additional layers to the refugee screening process, a vote panned by many of his Democratic colleagues.”

(Sam Brodey, “Will Tim Walz Solve The DFL’s Rural Minnesota Problem?” MinnPost, 3/29/17)
Tim Walz Told Liberal Activists His 2006 Victory Was Because Of His Campaign’s Progressive Message. “We did it by building the largest grassroots organization and we did it with our progressive values” on getting elected in 2006.

(Tim Walz Stand Up MN “Townhall”, January 11, 2018
Tim Walz In 2018 Frequently His Progressive Credentials On Campaign Trail. “I have a message for those who think we can’t unite Minnesota: we must, we can, and we will. THIS veteran…walks proudly in his progressive values. THIS teacher…stands up to bullies. THIS Governor…Won’t. Back. Down. #DFL2018 #mngov #WinWF”

(June 2, 2018,

As A Gubernatorial Candidate, Walz Has Said Both That ObamaCare Is “Failing My Constituents In A Lot Of Ways,” But He Is “Proud” To Have “Supported It Several Times”

On His Official Website, Walz Notes The Affordable Care Act Is Not “Perfect” And He Is “Willing To Work With Anyone Who Is Genuine In Their Attempts To Improve The Law” But That He Would Fight “Reckless Attempts” To Repeal The Legislation. “As I’ve always said, health care reform is a journey, not a destination. The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect and I am willing to work with anyone who is genuine in their attempts to improve the law. That being said, I will continue to fight reckless attempts to repeal these patient protections and put big insurance companies back in charge.”

(“Health Care,” U.S. Congressman Tim Walz, Accessed 4/23/18)
VIDEO: At A Townhall Event In June 2017, Walz Acknowledged That ObamaCare Is “Failing My Constituents In A Lot Of Ways.” WALZ: “That’s why the message, and we were talking about the DNC, the DNC wanted the message to be that the ACA is doing fine and don’t talk about the warts and I said I can’t do that because it’s failing my constituents in a lot of ways.”

(“Dem Congressman Tim Walz Admits ObamaCare Is Failing,” YouTube, 6/26/17)
VIDEO: During The October 6, 2017 AGSCME Gubernatorial Forum, Walz Said “I Voted For The ACA Which Expanded Health Care To 26,000,000 People Ensuring That Preexisting Conditions And Lifetime Caps Wouldn’t Kick You Off And I Voted Seventy Times To Defend It.” TIM WALZ: “I voted for the ACA, which expanded health care to 26,000,000 people, ensuring that preexisting conditions and lifetime caps wouldn’t kick you off, and I voted seventy times to defend it.”

(AFSCME Gubernatorial Forum, Duluth, MN, 10/6/17) Minute 1:01:20 – 1:01:39

Walz Campaigned In 2006 By Criticizing His Opponent For Raising The Debt Ceiling, But Has Voted To Raise The Debt Ceiling By Trillions During His Tenure

During Walz’s 2006 Campaign, Walz Criticized Gutknecht For Self-Labeling As A “Deficit Hawk” While Voting To Raise The Debt Limit $100 Billion

During Walz’s 2006 Campaign, Walz Criticized Gutknecht For Self-Labeling As A “Deficit Hawk” While Voting To Raise The Debt Limit $100 Billion. “In speeches, Democrats also made clear they’re hoping to expand their territory. Tim Walz, a public school teacher in Mankato and former National Guardsman, vowed to beat GOP Gil Gutknecht of Rochester for his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. ‘Our congressman calls himself a ‘deficit hawk.’ I like to tell the story of when I was young, I called myself an astronaut. It didn’t make me one,’ Walz said. Walz in particular attacked Gutknecht for voting to raise the debt limit $100 billion, even as he voted to raise his salary. ‘We’ve (got) an out-of-control debt, and it’s on his watch,’ he said.”

(Matthew Stolle, “Governor Hopefuls Lured To Rochester,” Post-Bulletin, 3/27/06)
Walz: “We’ve (Got) An Out-Of-Control Debt, And It’s On His Watch.”

(Matthew Stolle, “Governor Hopefuls Lured To Rochester,” Post-Bulletin, 3/27/06)

Since Being Elected To Congress, Walz Has Voted To Raise The National Debt Ceiling Nearly Every Time It Has Come Up For A Vote – Increasing It By Trillions Of Dollars

Walz Voted For Raising The National Debt Ceiling To $10.615 Trillion As Part Of The Foreclosure Prevention Act Of 2008.

(H.R. 3221, Roll Call Vote #519, Passed 272-152: R 45-149; D 227-3, Walz Voted Yea, 7/23/08; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18)
Walz Voted For Raising The National Debt Ceiling To $12.104 Trillion.

(H.R. 1, Roll Call Vote #70, Passed 246-183: R 0-176; D 246-7, Walz Voted Yea, 2/13/09; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18)
Walz Voted For Raising The National Debt Ceiling To $12.394 Trillion. “Passage of the bill that would increase the federal debt limit to $12.4 trillion.”

(H.R. 4314, Roll Call Vote #988, Passed 218-214: R 0-175; D 218-39, Walz Voted Yea, 12/16/09; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18)
Walz Voted For Raising The National Debt Ceiling By $1.9 Trillion To $14.294 Trillion

(H. J. Res. 45, Roll Call Vote #48, Motion Agreed To 233-187: R 0-172; D 233-15, Walz Voted Yea, 2/4/10; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18)

Tim Walz’s Record On Pipelines Is All Over The Map, Supporting And Opposing The Same Projects

Walz Has Voted For And Against Measures To Approve The Keystone Pipeline

Walz Voted 3 Times In Support Of The Keystone XL Pipeline.

(S. 1, Roll Call #75, Passed 270-152: R 241-1, D 29-151, Walz Voted Yea, 2/11/15; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18; H.R. 3, Roll Call #16, Passed 266-153: R 238-0, D 28-153, Walz Voted Yea, 1/9/15; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18; H.R. 5682, Roll Call #519, Passed 252-161: R 221-0, D 31-161, Walz Voted Yea, 11/14/14; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18)
In May 2013, Walz Voted Against A Measure To Approve The Keystone XL Pipeline.

(H.R. 3, Roll Call #179, Passed 241-175: R 222-0, D 19-175; 5/22/13, Walz Voted Nay)

Tim Walz Was Vague About Line 3 Through Minnesota Before Firmly Coming Out Against it

When Announcing Peggy Flanagan As His Running Mate, Line 3 Was Suggested As An Area Of Disagreement Between Two. “Flanagan has been a vocal opponent of efforts of Calgary-based Enbridge Inc. to replace an oil pipeline that cuts through northern Minnesota. The proposed Line 3 wouldn’t cross any reservations, but would run though lands on which the Ojibwe have treaty rights. Walz, however, is close to the building trades unions, which are vehement supporters of the $2.9 billion pipeline project. He received more than $58,000 in his last election from the unions. Walz said pipelines are preferable to transporting oil by rail, and that the pipeline should be built, but only if it can be done safely and without disturbing treaty lands.”

(J. Patrick Coolican, “DFL Candidate For Governor Picks Peggy Flanagan, State Rep. From Twin Cities, As Running Mate,” Star Tribune, October 5, 2017)
Walz Later Said He Would Oppose Any Pipeline That Runs Through Native American Treaty Lands. “I also will carefully examine any potential pipeline projects, as I have with Enbridge Line 3. I oppose any iteration of that project, for example, that runs through Native American treaty lands.”

(“Tim Walz,” Our Revolution MN Candidate Questionnaire, 12/15/17)

VIDEO: Walz Does Not Support The Enbridge 3 Pipeline Because Of The Impact On The Indigenous Community. WALZ: “As far as Line 3, I was immediately…the impact on the indigenous community is unacceptable, it’s a non-starter.”  

(Tim Walz, #ONEGovForum, 1/24/18) Minute 28:22 – 28:28
VIDEO: Walz: “The Current Route Does Not Include The Treaty Rights And Respecting Of That.” WALZ: “The current route does not include the treaty rights and respecting of that. I’m not opposed in principle to pipeline but we need to see about that transition.”

(Tim Walz, #ONEGovForum, 1/24/18) Minute 28:47 – 28:52

On Mining, Walz Dances Around Issue, Promising To “Follow The Science” And “If The Science Says It Can’t Be Done, Don’t Do it,” But When Talking To Iron Range Audiences He Changes Tune

VIDEO: Walz Says He Supports Mining, But His Position Is To Not Take Any Shortcuts On Environmental Impact Studies. “Copper nickel mining is a little different animal. …. Our position has been on this we can’t take any shortcuts on Environmental Impact Studies. We can’t take shortcuts the guarantees of making sure if we do mining in the Boundary Waters that it’s done right.”

(Tim Walz, Tim Walz Town Hall With Stand Up Minnesota, 1/11/18) Minute 3:07 – 3:33
VIDEO: Walz: “What We’ve Said At This Time Is Follow The Process, Move Forward, Don’t Short Circuit Those Things.”

(Tim Walz, Tim Walz Town Hall With Stand Up Minnesota, 1/11/18) Minute 3:35 – 3:39
When On Iron Range, Tim Walz Spoke Proudly In Support Of Expanding Mining “I’ve walked the land where Polymet is going to be. I’ve been there and talked to the people on the range. The people here will make those decisions and talk about it. And I’m glad to hear my friends up here talk about how a job is not just how you pay the bills. We can follow the science as we have been. If the science says it’s safe we should build it. We need these minerals for a clean energy economy.”

(DFL Governor Forum, Itasca Community College, October 20, 2017,
Tim Walz On Iron Range: “These jobs are important. These jobs are careers. These jobs do define who we are, and I believe we have that capacity.”

(DFL Governor Forum, Itasca Community College, October 20, 2017,
When Speaking To A Group Supportive Of Mining, Walz Said He Supported Polymet. “Both candidates said they were in favor of mining operations across the state—citing PolyMet Mining by name—as well as environmental regulations that protect affected areas. Walz did not address if he would be in favor of oil pipelines such as Enbridge Line 3. Walz said precious metal mining is a springboard for renewable forms of energy—such as fuel cells for solar or wind power—that ultimately benefit other environmental initiatives. The key is to undertake mining in a way that’s certified to be safe for neighboring ecosystems.”

(Gabriel Lagarde, “Johnson, Walz Spar In First Governor’s Debate,” In Forum Communications, August 17, 2018)

Tim Walz Voted For Cap And Trade Tax Systems, But Afterwards Spoke Critically Of System, Then Bragged About Voting For It During 2018 Campaign

On June 26, 2009, Walz Voted For The American Clean Energy And Security Act, Which Included A Provision Creating A Cap-And-Trade System.

(H.R. 2454, Roll Call Vote #477,Passed 219-212: R 8-168; D 211-44, Walz Voted Yea, 6/26/09; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18)
In An Interview After The 2010 Farmfest Congressional Forum, Walz Said It Is “Debatable” Whether A Cap-And-Trade System Is Superior To Other Methods Of Clean Energy Legislation, Such As Tax Credits Or Imposing A Carbon Tax. “In an interview after the event, Walz said it is ‘debatable’ whether a cap-and-trade system is superior to other methods of clean energy legislation, such as tax credits or imposing a carbon tax.”

(Eric Roper, “Walz Defends Cap-And-Trade Vote, Says Bill Was Likely To Change,” Star Tribune, 8/4/10)
Even Though Walz Was “Not Comfortable” With The Cap-And-Trade Mechanism, He Still Supported The Bill. “‘That’s the debate that I think should be asked on this,’ Walz said. ‘I think many of us, Collin included, [are] not altogether comfortable with the cap-and-trade mechanism, but there were so many other things in [the bill] that went the right way.’”

(Eric Roper, “Walz Defends Cap-And-Trade Vote, Says Bill Was Likely To Change,” Star Tribune, 8/4/10)
In An “Our Revolution Minnesota” Campaign Questionnaire, Walz Indicated That He Supports The Implementation Of A Cap And Trade System. “Hard Caps on carbon pollution or a Cap and Trade system to regulate CO2 emissions.”

(“Tim Walz,” Our Revolution MN Candidate Questionnaire, 12/15/17)
During A 2017 Candidate Forum Tim Walz Said, “I’m very proud to have voted for cap and trade.”

(CD5 DFL Debate December 8, 2017)

Tim Walz’s Gun Rights Record Did A Complete 180 When He Was Running For The DFL Nomination

Walz Has Gone From Proudly Touting An NRA Endorsement To Completely Flipping On Every Gun Restriction Issue

2008 Walz: “Gun Ownership Is A Basic Right In America, Not To Be Infringed Upon By Anyone Or Any Government Entity.” “This week brought opposite outcomes for basic American civil liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, according to Congressman Tim Walz. The 2nd Amendment was the winner and the 4th was the loser. The good news on Thursday, in Walz’s view, was the Supreme Court decision upholding a lower court ruling that the unusually restrictive gun laws in the District of Columbia were unconstitutional. The 5-4 decision was heralded by gun-rights advocates as an historic confirmation that the 2nd Amendment is about individuals — not just militias. ‘Gun ownership is a basic right in America, not to be infringed upon by anyone or any government entity,’ Walz said in a written statement. ‘… It is a victory that gun-owners, hunters, sportsmen and everyday Americans waited too long for.’”

(Mark Fischenich, “Walz Sees Good, Bad News For Civil Liberties,” The Free Press, 6/27/08)

Walz Voted Against Concealed Carry Reciprocity Legislation In 2017 But Cosponsored And Voted For A Similar Bill In 2011

In A February 2018 Minneapolis Star TribuneColumn, Walz Noted He “Voted Against Concealed-Carry Reciprocity.” “I voted against concealed-carry reciprocity. I’m a cosponsor of the bill to ban so-called ‘bump-stocks’ that convert semiautomatic rifles into automatic rifles.On all those votes, I have been diametrically opposed to the NRA.”

(Tim Walz, Op-Ed, “Tim Walz: Please Understand My Full Record On Guns,” Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2/23/18)
On December 6, 2017, Walz Voted Against H.R. 38, The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Of 2017.

(H.R. 38, Roll Call Vote #663, Passed 231-198: R 225-14, D 6-184, 6/12/17, Walz Voted Nay; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18)
But, On November 16, 2011, Walz Voted To Pass H.R. 852, Which Would Require States That Allow The Carrying Of Concealed Firearms To Recognize Concealed-Carry Permits Issued By Other States.

(H.R. 822, Roll Call Vote #852, Passed 272-154: R 229-7, D 43-147, Walz Voted Yea; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18)
Walz Became A Cosponsor Of The Bill On March 29, 2011.

(H.R. 822, Library Of Congress, Accessed 4/23/18)
After The October 2017 Shooting In Las Vegas, Walz Called On Congress To Oppose Conceal & Carry Legislation And Legislation To Reduce Restrictions On Gun Silencers. “Today, Representative Tim Walz (MN-01) released the following statement on the tragic shooting in Las Vegas: The events that unfolded last night in Las Vegas are tragic and heartbreaking. And they have become all too common in our country today. We have many questions and few answers, but I refuse to believe nothing can be done to reduce the likelihood of these attacks. As a lifelong sportsman, I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. At the same time, there are common-sense things we can do in Congress to prevent these tragedies from taking innocent lives and we must confront the truth that our current laws are not working. To that end, I am calling on Speaker Ryan and my colleagues in Congress to do the following: 1. Establish a select committee on gun violence prevention. 2. Increase access to mental health care nationwide. 3. Lift the ban on Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) research into the gun violence as a public health crisis. 4. Pass universal background check legislation. 5. Oppose current conceal & carry legislation before Congress. 6. Oppose current legislation to reduce restrictions on gun silencers.”

(Rep. Tim Walz, “Walz Releases Statement On Las Vegas, Calls For Congressional Action,” Press Release, 10/2/17)

Walz Has Been Endorsed By The NRA In Three Of His Reelection Campaigns And Said That He Was Proud To Receive The NRA’s Endorsement, But Has Since Changed Positions And Now Opposes The NRA, Calling It An “Extremist Organization”

When Asked About His Position On Gun Control In 2010, Walz Said “I’m 100 Percent With The NRA, And I’m Endorsed By Them For A Reason.” “The only non-veteran question came from Byron resident Vern Prouty, who wanted to know how Walz felt about gun control. Prouty was particularly concerned with the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, whom he said ‘would like to take our Second Amendment rights away from us.’ ‘I’m 100 percent with the NRA, and I’m endorsed by them for a reason,’ Walz said.”

(Eric Roper, “Walz Finds Calmer Constituents At First District Meetings This Summer; Last Year, Many Attendees Came To Talk About Health Care, And Civil Debate Was Difficult,” Star Tribune, 8/17/10)
In The NRA’s 2008 And 2010 Press Releases Announcing Their Endorsement, Walz Was Quoted Saying He Is “Proud To Stand With The NRA To Protect Our Second Amendment Rights” And “Truly Grateful For Their Endorsement.” “Congressman Tim Walz said, ‘I grew up hunting and spent 24 years in the Army National Guard. I know how important Second Amendment rights are to the people of southern Minnesota. I’m proud to stand with the NRA to protect our Second Amendment rights, and I’m truly grateful for their endorsement.’”

(NRA-PVF, “NRA-PVF Endorses Tim Walz For Re-Election To U.S. House Of Representatives,” Press Release, 9/9/08; NRA-PVF, “NRA-PVF Endorses Tim Walz For U.S. House Of Representatives In Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District,” Press Release, 9/24/10)
In An Interview With The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Walz Acknowledged His Position On Guns Has Changed Significantly, Commenting, “The World’s Changed. I’ve Changed.” “Walz donated his past NRA contributions to charity. While emphasizing in the interview that he’s been edging away from the NRA line for years by backing universal background checks and restrictions on people on the ‘no-fly list’ from buying guns, he acknowledged that his overall position has changed significantly. ‘The world’s changed. I’ve changed,’ he said.”

(J. Patrick Coolican, “U.S. Rep Tim Walz, Long Supported By The NRA, Proposes Assault Weapons Ban,” Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2/21/18)

Tim Walz Voted For And Against Eliminating The Medical Device Tax:

On October 23, 2015, Walz Voted Against A Bill To Repeal The Individual Mandate, Employer Mandate, Device Tax, Cadillac Tax And Prevention And Public Health Fund.

(H.R. 3762, Roll Call Vote #568, Passed 240-189: R 239-7, D 1-182, Walz Voted Nay, 10/23/15)
On September 29, 2013, Walz Voted Against Repealing ObamaCare’s Medical Device Tax.

(H.J. Res. 59, Roll Call Vote #497, Passed 248-174, R 231-0, D 17-174, 9/29/13, Walz Voted Nay; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18)
On June 7, 2012, Walz Voted For A Bill That Repealed The Medical Device Tax.

(H.R. 436, Roll Call Vote #361, Passed 270-146: R 233-0, D 37-146, Walz Voted Yea, 6/7/12; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18)

In 2006, Walz Criticized His Political Opponent For Supporting “Amnesty,” But Now Wants To Make Minnesota A Sanctuary State

In A 2006 Campaign Advertisement, Walz Criticized Opponent Gil Gutknecht For Providing Amnesty To 50,000 Illegal Aliens

VIDEO: In The 2006 Campaign Advertisement Titled “Amnesty,” Tim Walz Criticized Opponent, Gil Gutknecht, For Providing Amnesty To 50,000 Illegal Aliens. “Fact: It was Gil Gutknecht who voted to give 50,000 illegal aliens amnesty. Fact: It’s Walz who demanded funding for better high-tech security for all our borders.”

(“Amnesty,” Tim Walz For U.S. Congress, 10/17/06)

In 2017, Walz Said He Supported A Pathway To Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants, Drivers Licenses For Immigrants “Regardless of Status,” And Making Minnesota A Sanctuary State

Walz Supports A Short, Clear Pathway To Citizenship For 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants. “Support a short, clear pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants.”

(“Tim Walz,” Our Revolution MN Candidate Questionnaire, 12/15/17)
Walz Supports Allowing Drivers Licenses For Immigrants “Regardless Of Status”. “Allow Drivers Licenses for immigrants – Help road safety and vehicle insurance coverage by allowing immigrants to get a clearly marked driver’s license, regardless of immigration status.”

(“Tim Walz,” Our Revolution MN Candidate Questionnaire, 12/15/17)
Walz Supports Making Minnesota A Sanctuary State.

(“Tim Walz,” Our Revolution MN Candidate Questionnaire, 12/15/17)

Walz Attacked Republicans For Shutting Down The Government In 2013, But Voted To Shutdown The Government In 2018

Of Voting To Shut Down The Government In 2013, Walz Said “I Have Never Been More Disgusted Than To See My Colleagues’ Take Advantage Of A Situation”

During The 2013 Government Shutdown Fight, Walz Called “Choosing Party Over Country” And “Playing Political Games” As “Incredibly Reckless.” “Ensuring the government remains open is one of Congress’ most basic responsibilities. It’s incredibly reckless that the House Majority has yet again chosen party over country and abdicated its duties in order to play political games and pander to their Tea Party base. Enough is enough. The American people deserve better. The Majority must stop the games, start doing the most basic work they were sent here to do, and reopen the government.”

(Rep. Tim Walz, “Walz Statement On Reckless GOP Government Shutdown,” Press Release, 10/1/13)

On January 18, 2018, Walz Voted Against Continuing Resolution Which Ultimately Led To A Government Shutdown, Citing His “Good Conscience”

On January 18, 2018, Walz Voted Against H.R. 195, A Short-Term Fiscal 2018 Continuing Appropriations Bill To Fund The Federal Government At Current Levels Through February 16, 2018

(H.R. 195, Roll Call Vote #33, Passed 230-197: R 224-11, D 6-186, 1/18/18, Walz Voted Nay; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18)
Walz: “I Cannot In Good Conscience Support A Continuing Resolution That Leaves Our Children And Dreamers Behind, Fails To Provide Our Military The Resources And Certainty It Needs To Plan Into The Future, And Doesn’t Ensure The Department Of Veterans Affairs Has The Capacity To Directly Deliver Quality And Timely Health Care To Our Veterans.”

(Rep. Tim Walz, “Walz Statement On Continuing Resolution,” Press Release, 1/18/18)
The Bill Failed In The Senate, Prompting A Government Shutdown
On January 19, 2018, A Bill To Keep The Government Open Failed In The Senate, Prompting A Government Shutdown. “A government shutdown seemed guaranteed late Friday after a short-term spending bill failed to advance due to opposition from Democrats and some Republicans. The bill to keep the government open through Feb. 16 collapsed just after 10 p.m. after a vote to end debate failed to garner the necessary 60 votes in the Senate. With the midnight deadline approaching, lawmakers had not agreed to an alternative plan and were expected to leave Capitol Hill for the night.”

(Mike DeBonis, Ed O’Keefe, Erica Werner and Elise Viebeck, “Vote On Funding Bill Fails In Senate, Virtually Assuring Government Shutdown At Midnight,” The Washington Post, 1/19/18)

On January 22, 2018, Walz Voted Against Reopening The Government

On January 22, 2018, Walz Voted Against H.R. 195, A Short-Term Fiscal 2018 Continuing Appropriations Bill To Fund The Federal Government At Current Levels Through February 8, 2018.

(H.R. 195, Roll Call Vote #44, Passed 266-150: R 221-6, D 45-144, 1/22/18, Walz Voted Nay; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18)
Walz Was Not Present For A February 6, 2018 Vote On H.R. 1892, The Bipartisan Budget Act, Which Would Keep The Government Open Until March 23, 2018 And Extend Several Expiring Health Care Programs.

(H.R. 1892, Roll Call Vote #60, Passed 245-182: R 228-8, D 17-174, 2/6/18, Walz Not Voting; CQ Summary, Accessed 4/23/18)
During The February 2018 Government Shutdown Fight, Walz Did Not Support The Continuing Resolution And Claimed That “There Are Moments When You Need To Take A Principled Stand.” While I am pleased we are talking today about a broader and longer deal that is a first step in giving more certainty and needed investments, I cannot vote for a deal that leaves too many Americans behind and spends billions of additional dollars unpaid for with little debate. Let me be clear, there are important priorities in this bill, and I support many of them. However, there are moments when you need to take a principled stand on the founding values of our nation, and I believe that moment is now. I have always said that our budgets are not just fiscal documents, but moral documents as well. By leaving Dreamers behind and putting us on a path to a trillion dollar deficit when combined with the reckless Republican tax bill, this deal does not meet my moral standard.

(Rep. Tim Walz, “Walz Statement On CR Vote / Budget Deal,” Press Release, 2/9/18)

Peggy Flanagan Called Walz To Express Her Concern Over His Support Of Background Checks For Refugees From Syria And Walz Changed His Position And Apologized

Peggy Flanagan Claimed That After Walz Voted In Favor Of Background Checks For Syrian Refugees, He Received A Phone Call From Her And He Now Recognizes The Harmful Impact Of His Decision. “‘He received a phone call from me after that vote,’ Flanagan states, ‘I told him I was concerned.’ Flanagan went on to claim that since that vote, Walz has actively traveled across the state to have conversations with people. She believes that he has since recognized the harmful impact his decision had on immigrants and refugees across that state.”

(Camille Erickson, “Peggy Flanagan Could Become The Highest Ranking Native Woman To Hold Public Office,” Twin Cities Daily Planet, 11/14/17)
VIDEO: Walz Apologized For Taking That Position And For The Hurt That It Brought People. WALZ: “Since that time I understand that hurt people. They didn’t understand what the intention of the vote was. And it didn’t go anywhere to do that, so it was more seen as when we needed a friend we needed a friend to stand there. I apologize for the hurt that brought people.”

(Tim Walz, Tim Walz Town Hall With Stand Up Minnesota, 1/11/18) Minute 5:58 – 6:11

Walz Was A Champion Of Nuclear Energy – Before He Was A Skeptic

2009 Tim Walz: “We Must All Work Together To Solve The Energy Challenges We Face. Nuclear Energy Can Help Us Achieve Energy Independence, Create Jobs, Power Our Homes, Our Schools And Our Workplaces Affordably And Address The Serious Threat Of Climate Change.”

(Rep. Tim Walz, “Congressman Walz And Congressman Paulsen Join Broad Coalition In Support Of Bipartisan, Comprehensive Approach To Energy Independence,” Press Release, 11/23/2009)
2009 Tim Walz: “Minnesota Has The Potential To Own The Next Generation In Clean Energy Innovation And Technology And The Science And Data Is Clear: We Can Build Modern, Safer, More Efficient Nuclear Power Plants.”

(Rep. Tim Walz, “Congressman Walz And Congressman Paulsen Join Broad Coalition In Support Of Bipartisan, Comprehensive Approach To Energy Independence,” Press Release, 11/23/2009)
2018 Tim Walz: “Nuclear power certainly has its drawbacks, but I would follow the will of the people as it comes forward. We need to talk about all these pathways.”

(Our New Environment Forum, January 24, 2018,